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A Devil’s Dozen – Ronnie James Dio

In a minor shift of format, this Devil’s Dozen edition will focus not on the work of one band, but on the work of one man in several bands. That man? The man: Ronnie James

A Devil’s Dozen – Emperor

Metal fans often seem to have problems deciding what constitutes “true black metal.” Is it lo-fi production and satanic lyrics? Perhaps it’s tremolo guitar riffs and non-stop blast beats. Whatever the essential elements may be,

A Devil’s Dozen – Type O Negative

All bands (well, most) strive to carve a unique identity for themselves, hoping to notch an eternal scar in their little thread of history. Few succeed. Fewer still can boast that they carved their name

A Devil’s Dozen – Morbid Angel

Let’s get this out of the way: Morbid Angel shat the bed thoroughly with its last album, the title of which we shall not bother to mention. However, rather than reflect on how the mighty

A Devil’s Dozen – (The Lord Weird) Slough Feg

(The Lord Weird) Slough Feg has been a perennial favorite around Last Rites for eons and eons, so as briefly wrenching as it was to relinquish one of “our” bands to the wider world, even

A Devil’s Dozen – Slayer

Some bands need no introduction, and Slayer is definitely one of them. The scope of the band’s influence is nigh-on incalculable. Sufiice it to say that everyone that plays and/or listens to extreme metal owes

A Devil’s Dozen – Bathory

In terms of both creative achievement and scope of influence, Bathory is rivaled by only the most revered names in metal. Despite spending its entire career in relative (and to an extent self-imposed) obscurity, Bathory’s

A Devil’s Dozen – Voivod

Voivod answers to no trend, and over the past thirty years, they have always looked different on the metal landscape. For a multitude of reasons, the band continues to be most worthy of exploration. Gonzo