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90s Essentials – Volume Ten

Bittersweet as the end can be, it must come. So here we have Volume 10, the final entry in Last Rites’ 100 Most Essential Albums Of The 1990s. This is the volume that will cause many

Titular Homogeneity – Fuck You!

The insatiable drive to discover killer new music is a hallmark of the true metal head and we at MetalReview cherish our role in helping you, the true metal head, to do that. Lists are

An Interview With Joel McIver

The article was originally written by Rae Amitay. There’s hardly a music journalist around that hasn’t heard of Joel McIver. He’s published twenty books, written for a variety of magazines, and has documented the careers

Darkthrone – The 90s Essentials Interview

[Welcome to the ninth–and final–entry in our 90s Essentials interview series. As can be likely gleaned from the logo perched above this text, Fenriz of Darkthrone is the subject of this final interrogation, and he

90s Essentials – Volume Nine

This is almost the end, my friends. Almost the end. We’ve come through eight installments of Last Rites’ 100 Most Essential Albums Of The Nineties, through eighty records, and here we are with ten more: A

Slough Feg – The 90s Essentials Interview

[The eighth–and second-to-last–installment of our 90s Essentials interview series spotlights (The Lord Weird) Slough Feg’s Mike Scalzi. The stalwart frontman shines some light on the atypical recording process of Twilight of the Idols, as well

Reverse Polarity – Take The A ‘Trane

Welcome, intrepid reader, to the first in what will be an ongoing editorial series highlighting albums and artists well outside the realm of heavy metal that might still make the seasoned headbanger pause their recently-unearthed

90s Essentials – Volume Eight

We’re gearing up for the final act, people. Volume 8 of MetalReview’s 100 Most Essential Albums Of The 1990s might’ve been subtitled “Groundbreakers” if we had the front page real estate to allow for such