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Godflesh – Post Self Review

Godflesh has always had an uncommon connection to metal and industrial music—despite the obvious inclusion of both styles in their sound, one need not be a devoted fan of either to appreciate their work. Sure,

Godflesh – A World Lit Only By Fire Review

In the spectrum of heaviness, there’s heavy. And there’s heavy. And there’s Godflesh. Other bands have been faster, louder, angrier, more chaotic, but none has better embodied the empty, numbing, noisy desolation of the industrialized

Godflesh – Decline & Fall Review

The whole legendary-band-reunites-for-shows-and-eventually-releases-a-new-album thing has been done quite a bit in recent memory, typically with insane amounts of hype. Most notably, Carcass employed a calculated marketing campaign for what ended up being a serious winner