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Extreme Noise Terror – A Holocaust In Your Head (Reissue) Review

Once upon a time, in a place called England, in a time called the mid-1980s, the Gods of Crust Punk gave birth to an angry baby, a child whom they christened Grindcore. At the time,

Morne – Asylum Review

Originally written by Rae Amitay When I first heard about the Boston-based crust sludge group Morne, I was hesitant to give them a chance. Having attended Berklee College of Music for the past few years, I’m

Summon The Crows – One More For The Gallows Review

Norway’s Summon The Crows is another band crossing the streams of metal and hardcore — less filthy and black than Dishammer and less grind than Trap Them, Summon The Crows prefers their punk with a

Panzerbastard – Centurion Review

Given the presence of twin Celtic Frost covers, the seemingly unofficial “Into The Panzermonium” subtitle of this new EP from Boston punk-thrash outfit Panzerbastard is both amusing and apropos.  (That addendum came along in my

Panzerbastard – 2006-2009 Review

So, first off, as you may have noticed, this band is called “Panzerbastard.” And, as you also may have noticed, that’s pretty rad. I signed up for this solely because of that radness, and I

Withered – Memento Mori Review

Originally written by Doug Moore. A word of advice for young bands: melodic metal bands that do without choppy Gothenburg thrash and clean vocals are a commodity these days. If your basement unit is looking

Watch Them Die – Watch Them Die Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas This is gonna disappoint a lot of people, so if you have already brought into this band’s hype and are satisfied; go for it. Me? After initial excitement and general

Phobia – Serenity Through Pain Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett Through 10 years of perseverance, Phobia arrives with their latest effort, entitled Serenity Through Pain. Taking influence from hardcore punk and early grind, they create their own blend of crust-fueled