False Flag – False Flag EP Review

I’ve seen quite a bit of effusive praise for this three-song introduction to False Flag, and with very good reason: This EP is a brilliantly powerful debut. Formed in 2015 after seeing in concert the gods themselves, the grindmasters Napalm Death, False Flag apparently started out in more grinding territory, but by now, they’re peddling a more modern blend of hardcore and crust with dashes of blackness and hints of that grindcore birthing point. Most importantly, these three songs are dripping with anger, rife with hooks, and filled to the gills with fire and spark.

Release date: December 25, 2017.
Label: Self-Released
When “Spectrum Disorder” kicks in with that beautifully deep and biting bass tone, False Flag is already off to a good start, but the further exploration of Amebix-isms and the slight tinges of black metal voicings combine to push it further up the food chain. The chattering spray of Shaunak Phadnis’ vocals add a classic anarcho-punk edge to the proceedings, and by the time the shout-along chorus rolls around, I’m hooked, and you should be, too. Second track “Sisyphus Lament” is equally strong, though less forthright as it twists through riffs and shifting tempos with masterful ease, writhing like a ball of snakes, and just as venomous. Final number “Unbroken” adds more melodic tints into its crusty blend before devolving into chiming chords and haunting shrieks, a fitting finale to fourteen minutes of pointed fury.

And that’s really the only criticism I could ever level at the False Flag EP – at fourteen minutes, it’s simply too short, not enough, over and done before I want it to be. But I can always press play again… And so I do; I push it again… And again… And again…

Often, some of the best gifts come from unexpected places – India isn’t traditionally known as a hotbed for crusty punk, though I know False Flag isn’t the first hardcore band there, by a long shot. Still, they’re an up-and-coming contender, one with only a super-roughshod rehearsal demo to their name before they burst forth fully formed with this EP, and they’re absolutely one to watch.

Nothing false about this, kids – play it loud. Head over to Bandcamp and pick it up –throw the band a few rupees while you’re at it.

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  1. fuckin a, killer crust from india, love it


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