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DevilDriver – Winter Kills Review

I’m not quite sure what to make of Dez Fafara these days, but he certainly does appear to be comfortable in his own skin. Comfortable enough that, after nearly a decade of recording and seemingly

DevilDriver – Pray For Villains Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell On at least one level, Pray For Villains is a tasty record. Juicy, meaty, and fleetingly addicting, this is the kind of record that you’ll spin six times in a row right

DevilDriver – The Last Kind Words Review

My feelings on DevilDriver have been well documented on this site, so I’ll leave a lot of the background information out of this one. I will say that it has been interesting not only watching

DevilDriver – The Fury Of Our Maker’s Hand Review

It was about a year and a half ago that I got this site’s community’s collective panties in a bunch – readers and staffers alike – by praising DevilDriver’s self-titled debut. Many of them were

DevilDriver – DevilDriver Review

You’ve all heard it before: some member of some not-so-extreme metal band announces that they are forming a new band that is going to be totally heavy, totally extreme, and totally metal. Furthermore, we all