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Stratovarius – Survive Review

The metaphor isn’t hard to spot in the cover art of Stratovarius’ 16th album, nor in its title, Survive. The world’s pretty fucked up these days and we may very well be beyond the threshold,

Angra – ØMNI Review

Angra has endured for over 20 years as what many would consider the South American counterpart to North America’s Symphony X. Progressive power metal is the name of the game, basically, but Angra place a

Alice Cooper – Paranormal Review

In some capacity, be it as the original band or the eponymous solo artist, Alice Cooper has been releasing records for nearly fifty years now. He/they are legitimate rock ‘n’ roll royalty, and with good

Unisonic – Light Of Dawn Review

Two years ago, the eponymous Unisonic album marked the first time that guitarist Kai Hansen and vocalist Michael Kiske had worked together since the former departed Helloween after that band’s landmark Keeper Of The Seven Keys,

Gamma Ray – Empire Of The Undead Review

Yes. Yes! YES!! Gamma Ray have released 2014’s most satisfying European power metal album, hands down. And judging from the painfully drab cover artwork, not even the band was expecting it. Seriously, no color? No

Gamma Ray – To The Metal! Review

“We came to feel the thunder, the lightning and the heat. We came to hail the Metal Gods, bangin’ to the beat! Singing HAAAAIL to the metal! Haaaail! HAIL, HEAVY METAL! Haaaail!” I think I