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Valdrin – Throne Of The Lunar Soul Review AND Video Premiere

[Cover Art by Lucas Ruggieri] I promise all of this will make sense, so stick with me. In 1986, a young protagonist emerged for the first time from the land of Hyrule, a land I

Wayfarer – American Gothic Review

I love a good image or gimmick. But sonically, I need a sense of realism that I can sink my teeth into for that image or gimmick to really resonate, ya know? Years ago, when

Malokarpatan – Vertumnus Caesar Review

[Cover art by Astrid Bergdahl] Malokarpatan is an incredibly rare breed of band. Not so much in style, as their medieval, folklore-charged, melodic and progressive black metal isn’t all too rare over metal’s history, but

Darkest Era – Wither On The Vine Review

We here at Last Rites Music Listening (And Sometimes Writing But Often Yelling About Seeming Minutiae) Emporium HQ strive for accuracy and timeliness. We aim to stay abreast of consumer trends. To anticipate the discerning

Missing Pieces: The Best Of What We Missed In 2022 So Far, Vol. 2

This is Vol. 2 of our annual mid-year wrap-up, compiling our hand-selected best of the records we somehow neglected to cover during the first half of 2022. You should’ve already read Part 1, but if

Serpentent – Mother Of Light Review

[Cover artwork by Anne K. O’Neill] —The sounds of a heaving ocean joined by the familiar creak of a gnarled ship // An ol’ sea dog barely lit by a weary lantern flame recounts a

Iron Griffin’s Storm Of Magic: One More Case For True Metal

[Cover artwork by Oskari Räsänen] Iron Griffin’s Storm of Magic is one of the mightiest true metal albums you’ll encounter in 2022. [[KLAXON]] Just what the hell do you mean by “true” metal, you bastard.

Amorphis – Halo Review

[Cover artwork by Jean-Emmanuel “Valnoir” Simoulin] Comfort is an underrated and often unexpected trait of heavy metal that’s largely eclipsed by the conventional “brutal,” “crushing,” “razored,” “evil” et al. that largely dominates the lexicon of