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Amorphis – Skyforger Review

In the near 20 year existence of Amorphis, their fans have become split into so many camps it’s not even funny anymore.  Some wish the band still played death metal.  Others just want Elegy made

Eluveitie – Evocation I – The Arcane Dominion Review

Originally written by Ross Main. Nothing says you’re Swiss like a small note on your website reading “Eluveitie consider themselves a neutral band on topics [such] as politics and religion!” So assuming crypto-fascist enlightenment isn’t on

Turisas – A Finnish Summer With Turisas (DVD) Review

“Happy metal” is such a dubious concept. But if it’s humanly possible to listen to Turisas and not be inspired to thrust one’s fist in the air, to move and to smile gleefully whilst doing

Falconer – Among Beggars and Thieves Review

Somewhere, a Renaissance Faire is missing its minstrels. When last we checked in with Falconer, it was for the 2005 release of Grime Vs. Grandeur, which saw the Swedes scrap their folky/medieval tendencies in favor

Fimbultyr – Gryende Tidevarv Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Folk metal is a genre often met with some skepticism by portions of the metal community, generally citing problems with the overabundance of keyboards and overly “happy” atmosphere associated with

Klabautamann – Our Journey Through The Woods (Reissue) Review

First of all, I don’t consider myself a fan of the jollier, Humppa-styled metal released by bands such as Finntroll, so I approached this album with a fair bit of caution due to the playful

Obtest – Gyvybës Medis Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas. Synopsis: I’ve been a fan of Lithuania folk/pagan act Obtest since 1997’s Tukstanmentis, and while the band has dropped their black metal sound in favor of a more straight forward power metal/thrash with

Arkona – Ot Serdca K Nebu Review

Originally written by Keith Fox. Moscow’s Arkona are named after the last pagan Slavic city-castle, an ancient religious center on the island of Rügen dedicated to the god Swietowit (according to part of my extensive research on