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Borknagar – Winter Thrice Review

Originally written by K. Scott Ross. I have a very particular idea in mind of what makes a good Borknagar album: the listener should be able — perhaps even compelled — to sing along to

Selvans – Lupercalia Review

Italy’s Selvans was formed by four ex-members of Draugr after that band’s breakup in 2013, and their very brief history is one of both tragedy and fierce ambition. After completing most of the vocals and

Myrkur – M Review

M, the full length debut from Danish singer/songwriter Amalie Bruun’s black metal project Myrkur, is a frequently beautiful collection of music. Stunningly beautiful, in fact. However, I say “collection of music” rather than “album” because

Amorphis – Under The Red Cloud Review

Whether it’s publicly admitted or not, one of the most frustrating things about surviving as a longstanding metal band, apart from the obvious lack of money flow in 2015, must be fans’ persistent weeping about

Steve Von Till – A Life Unto Itself Review

As a member of Oakland’s Neurosis since the late 1980s, Steve Von Till has been a part of some of the heaviest of all heavy records. That band’s sludgy hardcore-to-post-metal mixture is relentlessly crushing, cinematically

Tau Cross – Tau Cross Review

“Mud upon his shoes – your father Walks across the fields Down into the valley where they wait A solitary bell – the flowers And crowds that line this quiet English street The way your

Melechesh – Enki Review

Because you and I both know this thing has a good chance of shooting straight the hell off the rails, I’ll frontload the critical bit: Enki is Melechesh‘s most self-assured and accomplished album to date,

Negura Bunget – Tau Review

Negura Bunget. That name, while not referring to the exact same group of people that produced albums such as Om, still carries with it a great amount of weight. Regardless of the people in the