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Cairn – Raise The Cairn Review

It’s always nice when the one-man side project doesn’t end up sounding like a wafer-thin version of the full ensemble. Case in point: Cairn, the sole creation of Samu Rahn, guitarist in Chicago’s prog/doomster act

Eternal Helcaraxe – Against All Odds Review

There’s nothing like mining the deepest parts of the “Lord of the Rings” universe to come up with a band name. You never know what one will come up with or even how apt the

Panopticon – Kentucky Review

People are not rootless. Even economic migrants, or a generation born in exile, or the war-displaced, or an endless diaspora, or the homeless – all retain a sense of place that shapes their identity, even

Scott Kelly / Steve Von Till / Wino – Songs Of Townes Van Zandt Review

The simple fact that this record exists is all kinds of awesome. (How’s that for unbiased journalism?) Years after his death, Townes Van Zandt remains an underrated figure. He’s found some success in the country

Worm Ouroboros – Come The Thaw Review

San Francisco’s Worm Ouroboros plays a unique style of modern dark wave music that appeals to a wide spectrum of listeners intent on favoring the bleaker side of emotional expression. And much like their self-titled

Heidevolk – Batavi Review

Originally written by Rae Amitay Heidevolk, contrary to popular belief, is not a German band. They hail from the Netherlands, a country replete with ‘beauty and the beast’ symphonic metal (Epica, Within Temptation, Stream of

Syven – Aikaintaite Review

When a musical work evokes the weight of natural processes in geologic time, it inevitably exposes impotence in the words used to describe it. Allowing for the difficulty of the written word to reach back

Liberteer – Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees Review

Just when you think that all the myriad possibilities of genre blending have been exhausted, along comes melodic anarcho folk-grind. Yep, you read that right. Melodic anarcho folk-grind. And as strange as it may sound,