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Pyrrhon – Growth Without End Review

Let us now praise famous formats: Friends, the EP is a beautiful thing. Whereas splits and 7″s are usually home for orphaned b-sides, and LPs often feel like an obligation, the necessary economy and visceral

Diseased Reason – Recombinant Review

Originally written by Chris Redar Oh, hey, look! It’s Diseased Reason from Tucson, Arizona, and they’ve put out an album! Wonder what this sounds like? Let’s just pop it in the ol’ SD card storage here… Hang

Dephosphorus – Ravenous Solemnity Review

Originally written by Chris Redar Space is the place, y’all. Metal has been on a shit-hot streak of out-of-this-world jams as of late, with the likes of Wormed, Gigan, and Orbweaver all dropping superior tales of the void last

Gridlink – Longhena Review

Originally written by Chris Redar In a lovely dinner conversation with the Danhammer about scores and such a short while back, the subject of doling out double-digits came up. Ideas were passed back and forth

Wake – False Review

Originally written by Chris Redar We’ve got a serious contender for the grind throne in Wake’s False. There’s no way to tell exactly what humankind did to piss these Calgary denizens off this much, but please, bipeds;

Maryland Deathfest: The Movie III Review

Originally written by Chris Redar A great sense of shame and embarrassment washes over yours truly as this next statement is typed: I’ve never been to Maryland Deathfest. Every year, arguably the biggest and most