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King Diamond – Songs For The Dead – Live Review

Ordinarily, I’m not much on live albums. For every Live After Death or Strangers In The Night or Live & Dangerous there are fifteen unnecessary catalog-fillers, most of them little more than a greatest hits

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Sunn O))) on a Stage – Two Hours of Transmutation

You don’t write a report on a Sunn O))) show. You try to write about what is today a unique kind of performance by established musicians who, at one point, decided to do something different,

Incantation in Concert – Hell is Open for Tours

I’ve seen Incantation play live before – once at an open air in the Czech Republic, once in a big Vienna club while they were on tour with Bolt Thrower. The sheer, pure force that radiated from the

Dead Meadow Concert Report – Pausing On A Sunday Night

You ever get that feeling when you’re listening to music that it’s a vessel for shutting out the world, leaving you in transcendence to just be here with the music for a while? It’s a


Paradise Lost in Concert – The Plague Within Europe 2015

Paradise Lost needs very little introduction. They’re a band that has been on the scene long enough to release 14 albums and a near countless amount of EPs, singles and compilations, yet their line-up (outside of

Jex Thoth and the Temple of Doom – Concert Report

Doing this write-up proved to be a harder task than I imagined. Between the personal stuff I had going on and the absolute butt-load of work and volunteering, I’ve had this nagging itch about the Jex

Farewell Dearest Altar of Plagues, Hello Malthusian – A Tale of Irish-Balkan Union

It’s hard to write about a show when you’ve worked up such expectations of it that your head wants to explode. No, wait, I’m doing this all in medias res. Let’s start from the beginning. I

Killfest Tour 2015 – When Sanctuary Met Overkill

It is with the fullest heart that I greet you dearest readers of Last Rites. It has been a while since I showed my figurative face around these parts, and I can truly say that