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R.I.P. Killjoy (1969 – 2018)

None of Killjoy’s various projects was destined to make him a household name, not in thirty years, but his importance to death metal belies his notoriety. He wasn’t universally well-known for the gory death metal

Necrophagia – WhiteWorm Cathedral Review

Conveniently in time for Halloween season, Necrophagia awakens from its three-year slumber. Back in ye olden days of the 1980s, when death metal was just crawling forth from the womb, Necrophagia was among the first

Necrophagia – Goblins Be Thine Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Do people really like this band? Is there really a large demand for this? I mean I’m no huge fan of any of the multitude of the Killjoy/Frediablo side projects