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Sepultura – Machine Messiah Review

In listening to yet another mostly mediocre new Sepultura, I find myself thinking two things: Thought Number One: I kinda feel bad for Derrick Green. His voice isn’t bad – he’s got a wider range

Butcher Babies – Uncovered Review

You know you’ve got a winner of a record when the best thing about it is the thinly-veiled pun in the title, this one of course alluding to the fact that this band’s primary appeal

Sepultura – The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart Review

Originally written by Dean Brown. If anything can be taken from post-Max Cavalera Sepultura, it is that the band will, regardless of the lambasting it has received since 1996, persevere to create new music, whether you

Soulfly – Savages Review

Originally written by Matt Longo Yeah, that’s mine. I went through an exploration of Sepultura in the ‘90s similar-in-spirit to our dear Reverend. Although, keeping in line with my weird acquisition habits, I think the

Sepultura – Kairos Review

Let me begin by saying that Kairos is the first full album under the Sepultura name that I have heard since Against all the way back in 1998. I’ve caught snippets here and there, enough

Mnemic – Sons Of The System Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Somewhat shockingly, Mnemic have made it to album number four. Not quite as shockingly, Sons of the System is just as shitty as their previous three. Like cockroaches, the band is as resilient as

Human Taxidermy – The Disctinction Of Extinction Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Well, shit. I don’t know about you, but nothing –and I mean nothing—  gets me straight stoked to hear a one-man, amateur death/grind album than a 64-second intro that consists of nothing but

Stuck Mojo – Southern Born Killers Review

Originally written by Dan Staige. Does the resurrection of the Mojo Band of Brethren interest you? It interests me enough to write about it. The Mojo Crew had a hand in raising me during the