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Nuclearhammer – Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer

Hellhammer begat Blasphemy begat Angelcorpse begat Nuclearhammer. Goodbye, cruel world. If the idea of having your reality ravaged and flattened to soot by music yanks your crank, Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer is your ticket to ride

Ares Kingdom – Incendiary Review

originally written by Jim Brandon With so many bands mixing so many styles, there’s something very inspiring about an act that can take simpler genres that are considered building blocks of today’s more aggressive sounds,

Dead Congregation – Graves Of The Archangels Review

Graves of the Archangels has chopped off my head and kicked me into the mouth of hell with a most sinister brand of evil, old-school death metal. Here we find proper fealty paid to the