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Author & Punisher – Women & Children Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Author & Punisher is a fascinating entity. Tristan Shone’s project rose to prominence with last year’s Ursus Americanus (his fourth album overall, and second to be constructed by implements of

Batillus – Concrete Sustain Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell The complete package. It’s so important, yet all too rare. But when a band can put everything together–the jams, the stage presence, the art direction—and wrap it in the ever-elusive

Eight Bells – The Captain’s Daughter Review

My guess is that we’re about three years away from doctors revealing the truth that over-exposure to Tetrabromobisphenol-A in our computers significantly adds to intensified OCD behaviors in the greater human population. More and more

Atriarch – Forever The End Review

Forever the End is a superbly-realized first effort from Portland, Oregon’s Atriarch. Summoning a thick, melancholy doom metal that drinks deeply from the wells of black metal and ‘proper’ gothic rock (think Bauhaus, not corsets),

Indian – The Unquiet Sky Review

originally written by ZD Smith By some chance it seems that I’ve become the go-to guy for drone-doom and sludge metal. And I suppose that’s ok; this sort of style, lying as it does on