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Tristwood – The Delphic Doctrine Review

I very, very much dug the early nineties. I loved the old death metal scene, I loved the original grunge sound, and I loved the Nine Inch Nails/Ministry industrial metal movement. I especially dug NiN

Svartsyn – Bloodline (Reissue) Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. This has been a decent month for me so far, as I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Black Crucifixion’s The Fallen One of Flames and now Svartsyn’s Bloodline. These furious Swedes entered the scene in

Ghost Machinery – Haunting Remains Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas We interrupt your high quality metal reviews to bring you this 63 minute opus of bland Finnish power metal. I had moderate hopes for this after label mates Unchained’s superb

Svartsyn – Destruction of Man Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes Svartsyn invokes cursed black metal. No, seriously. It’s true. They invoke cursed black metal. I’m not fucking around – they do it. At least that’s what their bio says, and anyone