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Carving A Mixtape – Exercises In Black Metal: Vol. 1

Ever since kindergarten, I have been obsessed with the idea of sharing music with others. Generally, this came in the form of stolen Billy Idol or Led Zeppelin cassette tapes from my parents until that

Svartsyn – The True Legend Review

Well, this certainly is a queer thing. Sweden’s Svartsyn has long been an exceedingly peripheral member of the nation’s embarrassment of black metal riches. Despite becoming somewhat transparently enamored of the ‘orthodox’ black metal zeitgeist

Svartsyn – Wrath Upon The Earth Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas I’ve been on a traditional black metal kick recently, ingesting the likes of Nidingr, Sacreligious Impalement, Sargeist, Helrunar, and numerous “Svart” bands — including the sixth album from long running

Svartsyn – Bloodline (Reissue) Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. This has been a decent month for me so far, as I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Black Crucifixion’s The Fallen One of Flames and now Svartsyn’s Bloodline. These furious Swedes entered the scene in

Svartsyn – Destruction of Man Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes Svartsyn invokes cursed black metal. No, seriously. It’s true. They invoke cursed black metal. I’m not fucking around – they do it. At least that’s what their bio says, and anyone