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Mithras – Worlds Beyond The Veil Review

Originally written by Alex de Moller. If words could take revenge on their makers… I’d be a writhing mass of blood, saliva and utter shame this very moment…. for I can still remember the day

Capharnaum – Fractured Review

Originally written by Dan Staige. Let’s be blunt as blunt can be here. I’m going to start off by saying my reviewing “skills” cannot possibly do this record justice. I tend to feel more comfortable

Decapitated – The Negation Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett With the release of Nihility in 2002, Decapitated had a lot to live up to. The Negation is easily one of the most anticipated albums this year. Would they falter

Anata – Under A Stone With No Inscription Review

Anata has been around, but have managed to demolish provinces I was not in. This is my first taste of this outfit, and I am certainly fucking glad we have finally been introduced, because they

Psycroptic – The Scepter Of The Ancients Review

Originally written by Dan Staige. Psycroptic is one of the tightest units I’ve ever heard. Their music isn’t exactly pure death metal; it’s not brutal death; it’s a little thrashy at times, but I wouldn’t

Decrepit Birth – …And Time Begins Review

Originally written by Dan Staige. Enter a complete desecration of music as you know it. Enter the total obliteration of traditional music and the supreme rebuild of what death metal is about to become. Enter…..Decrepit

Kayo Dot – Choirs Of the Eye Review

Originally written by Ian Dreilinger. Whatever expectations you may have for Kayo Dot’s Choirs of the Eye, throw them away. This is not going to be anything like you’ve imagined. Past releases by maudlin of the

Ion Dissonance – Breathing Is Irrelevant Review

Originally written by Dan Staige. Dissonance was indeed one of the first words that came to mind when I heard this for the first time. Breathing is Irrelevant is another complex monster of immense density