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80s Essentials – Volume Five

Welcome to the halfway point, volume five in our list of The Most Essential Albums of the Eighties. Previous volumes can be accessed here. This week’s edition features a host of menacing characters. To start

90s Essentials – Volume Ten

Bittersweet as the end can be, it must come. So here we have Volume 10, the final entry in Last Rites’ 100 Most Essential Albums Of The 1990s. This is the volume that will cause many

Testament – Live At The Fillmore (Reissue) Review

Originally written by Jon Eardley Back in 1993 when legendary Bay Area thrashers Testament went through the first of a plethora of lineup changes, one of the main concerns most fans had was who would

Testament – The Formation Of Damnation Review

Madman’s take: What a long strange trip it’s been for Testament to get to this point. It started back in 1999 with the release of The Gathering, a snarling beast of a thrash album that was

Testament – First Strike Still Deadly Review

Originally written by Brady Humbert. So, here we have the latest in what seems to be a stream of re-releases coming from the ass end of Testament’s catalog, consisting of the late 90s (Testament’s wild death metal