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Jungle Rot – Kill On Command Review

My ever-quotable associate Mr. Campbell once described Jungle Rot as “no one’s favorite death metal band,” and while I’m sure there’s someone somewhere who’d disprove that by claiming this Wisconsin outfit as The Best Evar,

Pathology – Awaken To The Suffering Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas So here is the fifth album from The Locust / Cattle Decapitation drummer Dave Astor’s brutal death metal project, and he’s got yet another line up. This time vocalist Jon Huber

Carnifex – Hell Chose Me Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas It’s only thanks to Between the Buried and Me, Within the Ruins, Wretchedand San Diego’s Carnifex (I’m waiting to hear new signing Pathology) that I still have some shred of respect for Victory Records.

Between The Buried And Me – The Great Misdirect Review

Quite a few people are all fired up about Between the Buried and Me for very different reasons.  Again. For many, the quintet’s fifth album proper, The Great Misdirect, represents the latest gospel from on

Wretched – The Exodus Of Autonomy Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell A death metal band on Victory Records already has built-in credibility issues; throw in a pink logo and a healthy swoopy-haircut-thing ratio, and you’ve got a band guaranteed to be

Carnifex – The Diseased And The Poisoned Review

Originally written by Tyler Wagnon. The Diseased and The Poisoned is the sophomore effort from California’s Carnifex following up last year’s Dead In My Arms. The debut was by-the-numbers deathcore and so is this one, but I find myself

Dead To Fall – Are You Serious? Review

Originally written by Tyler Wagnon. At one time or another for various publications I’ve reviewed Dead to Fall’s previous three full-lengths so I figured I’d go ahead and finish the discography. The first full-length Everything I Touch Falls

Bury Your Dead – Bury Your Dead Review

Originally written by Dan Staige. Bury Your Dead have been a guilty pleasure of mine since I heard a few samples off of Beauty & The Breakdown. I didn’t hear technical mastery or airtight speed, but what