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Adramelech – Terror Of Thousand Faces Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. I swear to Satan: I had it all planned out. Within the course of a week or thereabouts, I was going to embrace a three-pack from Xtreem Music with the

Hour Of Penance – Pageantry For Martyrs Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. Hour of Penance, an Italian brutal death quintet, have most assuredly avoided the sophomore slump by unleashing Pageantry for Martyrs, which proves to be potent for those who fancy the subgenre

Masacre – Total Death Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. Brutal death metal incumbents Masacre have returned to office for the first time in many years, and Total Death is quite an accomplishment. But, as is the case with their Xtreem Music (great label

Hour Of Penance – Disturbance Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett The first thing that popped into my head after throwing in Disturbance was that it has American death metal splattered all over it. After that, I let the crunch sink into