Adramelech – Terror Of Thousand Faces Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan.

I swear to Satan: I had it all planned out. Within the course of a week or thereabouts, I was going to embrace a three-pack from Xtreem Music with the lineup being Masacre’s Total Death, Hour of Penance’s Pageantry for Martyrs, and Adramelech’s Terror of Thousand Faces. Can you guess which one slipped through my fingers? But yes, I’m back on the brutal death kick for the time being, and Terror of Thousand Faces (change the last “a” to an “e” if you don’t like the record) is gratifying on several counts, though this Finnish quartet has some indefatigable competition under the guise of labelmates.

Adramelech aren’t as enigmatic as their fellow purveyors, I believe, but the above-mentioned do have a taste for down-n-dirty heaviness. Lemmings who follow the happenings at Xtreem Music will cozily slink up next to this full-length that was almost never released. Luckily, the label decided to put some financial muscle behind the Finns in order to feed the masses with their version of brutal death. However, I sincerely think that Terror of Thousand Faces doesn’t have any remarkable characteristics living within its walls, and I found myself scrounging around for uncommon things to cling to. But on the whole, it’s an album that projects unconcern for innovation, though doesn’t shy away from regulatory standards of the subgenre.

The details, suffice it to say, aren’t nearly as interesting as the music. We’ve got nine songs ripe for picking, and the band has been toiling in the scene for almost fifteen years. This is their third full-length, and – forsaking its blemishes – it is able to stand on its own two legs.

In any case, Adramelech are a good crew, Terror of Thousand Faces is a rewarding slab of brutal death, and Xtreem Music have just poured more concrete into their ever-strengthening foundation. I’d opt for Massacre and Hour of Penance over these guys, but this record is solid. If you have the cash handy, then you know what to do: send it to me and I’ll buy the album for you. Allow 10-15 years for delivery.

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