Overkill – Wrecking Everything Live Review

Originally written by Ty Brookman

Twenty years later and absolutely no end in sight Overkill step up to the plate once again. Bringing with them a live album and a new record company (Spitfire Records) who actually give a shit about them, Overkill seem as hungry as the day it all began. I can honestly say that I truly respect this band. This is by far one of the finest examples of musical integrity on the planet. This band has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows while screaming “FUCK YOU” the whole way. Just take a look at where their peers are today, Metallica, need I even remark, Anthrax, what load of shit, Megadeth, all done, (Thank you) Slayer who actually have remained true to form but do absolutely nothing for me and I might point out they take 4-5 years just to put out a goddamn album and then there is Overkill, true heavy foking metal icons. Fifteen albums later and more members than I can count are still putting out albums full of substance and merit also in a timely fashion as well. You can’t forget how hard they tour their albums either, these motherfuckers are blue collar musicians to the core. Overkill has never been given the respect they so greatly deserve. Why I ask you has such an important American metal band been overlooked for so many years? Where the hell is their behind the music? Where is the foking recognition, dammit? I’m sure Blitz will tell you the respect comes from the fans and fuck the corporate shit because Overkill fans are some of the loyalist on the planet. Obviously he and DD are content because why the hell would they push forward if they weren’t. It’s been seven years and four studio releases (all original ones) later since Overkill released their last fully live record. (Wrecking Your Neck) Within those four releases they crushed fans with some of their finest work to date. Since Overkill is a relentless touring band and the newer material should be heard live it only seems fitting to offer up another. Recorded in New Jersey’s Paramount Theater, Wrecking Everything touches on the complete Overkill catalog. Whereas 95’s Wrecking Your Neck was released as a double disc, Wrecking Everything only offers up thirteen tracks therefore leaving many unheard. The DVD to follow will contain many more of the songs recorded that night. In all honesty though for Overkill to release a comprehensive look into their complete career it would take at least a four-disk package to cover all the worthy material. The live production is dead on, while maintaining a raw edge it still delivers the definition and low end I look for in a live setting. The crowd sounds huge in between songs, as Blitz in true-to-form barks his usual larger than life metal banter. Highlight tracks for me came way of The Battle, Necroshine, Thunderhead, Bleed Me and I Hate, but in all actually every song is worthy. I have seen Overkill on many occasions and every time I can say there was never a lull in the show, this record proves the same. Bottom Line: Overkill is a schooled band through and through with each member proving their worth throughout. Wrecking Everything captures Overkill at precisely what they do best and that is playing live. It embodies 20 years of the Wrecking Crew’s finest and screams of pure metal magnitude. Out of respect and admiration alone you should buy this foking disc but if that’s not enough I can tell you it captures a superior performance by a band that knows its metal and has the scars to prove it.

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