Impaled – Medical Waste Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett

Well, it seems that Necropolis finally got their shit together and released this long over-due EP. What can I really say about Impaled? They quickly put a stranglehold on the world after releasing Mondo Medicale and have returned to wreak more havoc in the land of extreme metal.

Within this lovely little EP of blood, guts, and baby eating, you will find two cover tracks, one track from Mondo Medicale, two tracks from the “Mondo Sessions” that didn’t make it on the disc, and two live tracks, not to mention a kick ass CD-ROM bonus music video for the song “Operating Theatre.”

The first cover, “The Hearse”, is originally by a band called Deadbolt, and it has a very old-school vibe to it. Utilizing the tri-vokill attack, Impaled adds a little flare to the song and makes it an enjoyable listen. The other cover is surprisingly taken from Nirvana. Although I’ve never heard the original version of “Tourette’s” (since I always thought Nirvana’s material was never worth my time), Impaled once again make an interesting listen out of this one.

The two tracks from the “Mondo Sessions”, “Choice Cuts” and “Gross Anatomy,” absolutely shred. For those of you who have never heard Impaled, picture Carcass (although not necessarily a direct rip-off) with a bit more chunk to it, some wicked melody, and an absolutely killer triple vokill attack, compliments of guitarists Andrew LaBarre (the death growl), Sean “Bloodbath” McGrath (the raspy vokills), and Ross Sewage (the ultra guttural vokills). Hearing these new tracks only furthers more hunger for more new dishes compliments of these morbid maitre d’s.

The live tracks are solid, but the production is a bit rough. And lastly, the music video is a riot. Although the budget seems a bit low, they make due and turn out a killer video for a killer song.

If you are a fan of Impaled, you should definitely pick this one up. If you’re not too familiar with Impaled, I suggest you check out their full-length material first to get a full feel for the band. None-the-less, Medical Waste is another bedpan in the path leading to the conquest of the medical community, the metal community, and ultimately the world.

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