Entombed – Inferno Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley.

Entombed is one of those legendary bands that for one reason or another I’ve never really sat down and listened to. The only album I’ve heard is Morning Star, which I thoroughly liked, especially the song “Chief Rebel Angel”. Since this is the only comparison I have to go off of, their newest album Inferno isn’t quite as good, but it’s still good in it’s own right. The first thing you will notice about “Inferno” is the ass-horrible production. It’s not as if they did it on purpose, because there are some things that simply must be clear, such as vocals and drums. The vocals sound as if they were yelled from across the room with the microphone in a lunchbox, and the drums are barely even there. Forget about clear cymbal crashes, it sounds like someone dropped a piece of aluminum siding down the stairs. The one thing I did like about the raw production was the guitars, it does sound cool to have ultra raw, fleshy guitars. The guitar tones are so thick and crunchy it makes me want to reach out and bite them. It gives it that old skool Bloodbath feel, but in Entombed’s case it’s true old skool since they’ve been around forever. Production has nothing to do with musicianship, and within “Inferno” is some pretty good musicianship. You really have to listen hard to tell that the drummer is doing a good job, but I assure you he is. The vocals are (from what I can tell) classic Entombed, ultra gruff and muscular. There’s lots of might behind everything in this band. Don’t expect any ballads or clean moments except for the 2 minute instrumental “Intermission”, a quiet piano piece. Every song other than that has the classic, tube-crunch sound of Entombed mixed with a nice, generous helping of anger. Since I’m not an old skool fan of Entombed, and therefore not a fanboy, I can give you an honest and abstract review: this is a pretty good album. It’s got it’s moments of power and coolness that make it worthwhile, but fans of the old skool may not be enthralled by it’s coarse and unrefined nature. I liked Inferno, but it’s not super-impressive by any means. It’s definitely no Morning Star, and you’ll be disappointed if you try and compare the two. I’d recommend this one with one caution: listen before you buy.

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