Prostitute Disfigurement – Deeds Of Derangement Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas

Check the band name: that’s right, Prostitute Disfigurement. Check the cover: Giger-ish alien zombie thingy crouching over a naked, no-doubt recently violated, and bleeding buxom babe. Check out the song titles: “Deformed Slut”, “Cum Covered Stabwounds”, and “Skinned & Sodomized”. So then, what kind of album would you assume this to be? This initial impression led me to brace myself for a grindore/goregrind assault of mindless proportions. Instead, what assailed my ears was far more fluid thrash-based death metal that was actually rather competent, if rather unoriginal. The only thing remotely related to grindcore was the god awful ‘recorded inside a rhino’s cavernous asshole’ vocals and the typically early 90’s gore laden B-movie lyrics. This has far more in common musically with, say, Fleshgrind, Severe Torture, and of course, Cannibal Corpse, mixed with a healthy dose of grimy death thrash.

These Dutch deathsters certainly have studied their US death metal, and it shows on Deeds of Derangement, as I found it far more enjoyable than tripe like Lividity or Regurgitate. It has coursing through its veins a definite thrash feel that’s punctuated by an unusually clear guitar tone and uncommonly thin bottom end. Don’t get me wrong, this is about as generic as brutal death metal gets, but when it’s done well, I don’t really care, so long as it entertains, and this does. Like I stated, if you can get past the dreadful vocals and childish content, this is pretty good fun, even more so when Niels Adams resorts to a more high register growl, as it suits the sounds far better, and more akin to fellow countrymen INRI.

At thirty two minutes and 11 songs, minus lengthy space wasting samples AKA Mortician, PD just (to use a horrid cliché) go for the jugular in expected form, with each song comprising of plenty of frenetic technical blasting and also some good ol’ lurching slowdowns for good measure. The monstrous opening riff from “She’s Not Coming Home Tonight” just drips with ominous menace, and the ridiculously abysmal vocals, in a rare twist of fate, suit the riff rather well, although the song does see the first extended use of screams instead of sewage guzzling burps. A surprisingly crisp solo appears during the great riff during “Repulsive to Kill”, and highlights PD’s old school mentality that often fights through the filthy visceral slime to create surprising moments of discernible thrash clarity.

But in the end these taught moments are essentially destined to be bulldozed by PD’s fascination with all things bloody and brutal, and that keeps the album from being anything more than just decent. The vocals, lyrics, and overall presentation would have you believe that Deeds of Derangement is a hellish trip into sonic Armageddon akin to Deranged, but the fact of the matter is that, musically, this is no more brutal than, say, Houwitser or even Katafalk. And for that I should be thankful, as it makes for a surprisingly good and simple listening experience.

It’s not going to be on many year-end lists, but in a week where I’ve reviewed School For Heroes and Canvas Solaris, Prostitute Disfigurement was a welcome, gore-drenched, carnage-filled break.

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