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Originally written by Tim Pigeon

2003 has been a big year for the modern thrash sub-genre (also known as the Swedish thrash sound) with releases from stalwarts like The Haunted and Carnal Forge, and up-and-comers like Corporation 187 throwing their hats in the ring. But, as they did last year with Inwards, German thrashers Dew Scented have released an album that cements their position atop the mountain of modern thrash.

Unlike some of their contemporaries that base their sound around At the Gates-like riffs with thrash drumming and harsh, near-death metal screams, Dew Scented come off more like if Slayer went death metal. Their INTENSE sound basically adds more brutal guitar work to the same drum and vocal framework as the aforementioned bands, but the real difference is that every song just sounds so urgent and frantic, like it’s being played about 25% faster than expected. Flo’s riffage is fantastic, bouncing from thrash to death riffs effortlessly, while Uwe’s drumming is tight as fuck, throwing in plenty of quick and dirty fills. When the two of them lock in together, the results are frightening. Leif’s screams are above average for the subgenre, just barely discernible if you stop headbanging long enough to focus on them.

The production is my only disappointment, as it fails to follow up on the incredible production job of Inwards. The mix is just a bit duller than the last one, but still a fine sound for the band. Impact has its share of great metal moments, starting right at the beginning with “Acts of Rage” (available for download from their site). Now after all my talk about how they’re apart from the pack, ironically, this song does sound a bit like a Carnal Forge song on speed, but it’s got Dew-Scented written all over it. Flow plays not one, but two solos, and they’re in the Kerry King style of just playing high notes as fast as possible. The main riff of “Soul Poison” is one of my favorites on the album, while the chorus of the next song, “Cities of the Dead”, is simply fierce. And what’s that in “Slaughterhouse”? Oh, it’s another set of sick riffs. “Flesh Reborn” features great drum work, always mixing in short little blasts.

While I love every song on here, I’m going to withhold the six in that category mainly because I fear that I get too caught up in the Dew Scented intensity to really pay close enough attention to the feel of the songs. Buy the damn album. I may be tooting these guys’ horn a little too much, but they deliver a punch and a sound that hits me in the sweet spot. They’re in the same plane with The Crown and Carnal Forge, but a touch more brutal than CF and a little heavier on the thrash than is The Crown. This is also much closer to old-time thrash than is the Haunted. Very recommended for lifting weights to – Dew Scented has been my gym metal of choice for about a month now.

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