Vader – Blood Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon

Another year and another release from Poland’s most prolific death metal act.

Blood is the 63rd MCD released by Vader, but for the avid fan, it’s still a worthwhile pick up. Consisting of two new tracks, and five tracks from the Revelations sessions, this allows fans everywhere to hear the extra tracks on various versions like the European digipak and the Japanese bonus cut.

Vader stays true to form on the new songs, with everything you’ve come to expect from these Poles – thrashy DM riffs, ceaseless pummeling of the drums by Doc, and Peter’s superb, snarling vocal delivery. “Shape Shifting” is the first of two new studio songs and, as expected, it rules. The first 40 seconds are pure old-school Vader – fast, faster, and crushing. The drums sound very full, especially the toms.

They slow things down midway through, Chaos A.D.-style, but you know they won’t leave on a soft note, as the maelstrom roars back to close the song out. “We Wait” is the other new track, and it feels more like a Revelations song than a De Profundis song; a little slower and a little more plodding. It’s ultimately not a bad song, but they excel at just playing balls-to-the-wall, fast death metal.

One of the songs from the Revelations sessions is “When Darkness Calls”, but you all already know that’s a great song. There are three short songs, all in the two-minute range, with the best being a song “Traveller”, which just rides a wave of groove riffs all the way into shore.

Lastly, the MCD closes with a Thin Lizzy cover, “Angel of Death”. It’s immediately apparent that this isn’t a Vader original, but they manage to beef up a trad metal song and make it killer. There’s a ridiculously good solo, but I’m not sure if it’s old or new.

Blood is worth the $8 or whatever it’ll cost, especially for the Vader completist, but for a neophyte, I’d recommend picking up a full-length first for a better look at Poland’s best export. In any case, it’ll brighten up 25 minutes of your day. It’s Vader – you know what you’re in for.

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