Zebulon Pike – And Blood Was Passion Review

Dude, fuckin‘, Zebulon Pike, dude. It’s like, fuckin’ A man, fuckin‘, dude. It’s like, rock on man. Serious. Dude, just like, Sabbath only without the singing, right? But really fucking long. Like forever. Fuckin’ trip, man.

That is the actual review. What follows is more my own thoughts and views about this disc. First off, it’s nice to hear some simple melodic leads as leads. What you have is some “jam” metal with no singing, something akin to whoever your favorite stoner band might be, with guitar harmonies walking on top of it. It’s not terribly produced, but it’s clean and easy to listen to. The compositions are pretty good, all things considered, but they drag on forever. Averaging about 10 minutes, you will find yourself struggling to make it through them by the time the disc is nearing its end.

The musicianship is certainly adequate, but very subdued. In fact that’s the phrase that describes this best: “adequate, but subdued”. A singer – a good singer could fix this problem, I think. Bring some intensity and focus to these meandering musical pieces.

In the end this is somewhere between interesting and simply pleasant music. It’s unlikely to light a fire under anyone’s ass, but it’s something which accommodates a long drive where the passengers are blazed stupid. I really enjoyed some of the bits and pieces of this thing, and think this would be a good stoner band if they could bring on someone to give it all some oomph. Until then, this is just a passing curiosity.

Dude, why you gotta’ bag on ‘the Pike, man?

Posted by Chris Sessions

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