Daughters – Hell Songs Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas


What the fuck?


As if Daughters couldn’t be any more polarizing after the eleven minute ejaculatory spurt of debut Canada Songs, they go and drop their spazzcore screams in favor of some crazy carnival-esque spoken word vocal style and make their already spastic grind sound more like Mr. Bungle or some crazy off kilter circus/carnival-core.

While their debut was admittedly hard to swallow, it was at least a vitriolic jerky, angular slab of modern post-grindcore, but on Hell Songs, the grind aspect is pretty but replaced by swarming, chaotic dissonance that’s pretty much bereft of metal aggression and more like the kind of background music that plays during an ant or bee documentary on the Discovery Channel.

Hell Songs often comes across like The Dillinger Escape Plan played by autistic children kidnapped by the circus (“The Fuck Whisperer”, “Fiery”, “Recorded Inside a Pyramid”, “First Snake Woman”) and is at times, utterly unlistenable (“Daughters Spelled Wrong”, “Cheers Pricks”, ) and at best a self deprecating display of misplaced skill delivered in spasms of mindless randomness topped off by drunken droning and caterwauling. Only brief musical snippets of their past remain in short bursts (“Providence by Gas Light”, “Hyperventilation System”) before being interrupted by the hideous vocals.

The jump to Hydra Head may have some of you thinking the band has taken an ambient or creative turn for the best, but it could not be farther from the truth as Daughters will find themselves even more unpopular than they were after Canada Songs.

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