Azarath – Diabolic Impious Evil Review

originally written by Jim Brandon

Do you like Sadistic Intent? How about Krisiun and Hacavitz? Does Hate Eternal’s one-speed attack leave you desiring something more? Enter stage right: Azarath’s third album, Diabolic Impious Evil, and I hope for your sake you emptied your bowels, because these four sick Polish bastards are gonna’ knock the living shit out of you.

It’s rare that music sounds dangerous to me, and the goal of Azarath is seeing how far the arterial spray goes after battering you with this positively lethal disc, and they do it with style. It feels like lying in salt water while suffering from sunburn. We get nasty, nasty blasting drum patterns supplied by Behemoth‘s Inferno, and he refuses to lock into merely one mode and plainly bash away. Lightning fast rolls, tastefully complex fills, arrhythmic tempos and inexhaustible energy is unleashed through one ballistic tune after the next. Scathingly melodious solos, crazy harmonics, riffs so furious you wonder how their wrists aren’t broken after playing this run rampant throughout. There is a little song in the center of the world, and its sound is like razors through flesh. Azarath more than likely composed it, and oh what sights they have to show you.

Excellent production compliments Diabolic Impious Evil as the guitar tone is just deadly (with the volume on low, it still sounds wicked), forming a molten landslide of violent tremolo like multitudes of pissed off hornets trapped in a huge helmet fastened securely around your pustule-ridden skull. This album is never boring, never predictable, and while not wholly original, it is exemplary for the genre. People talk of the lack of passion in death metal? This is no run of the mill project. Multi-layered vocals from the deep caverns of black/death depravity rise in tracks like “Whip The Whore”, “Devil’s Stigmata”, and “Intoxicated By Goat Vomit”.  I don’t often hear such clear articulation with this style of extreme metal, but here it is.

You really need to own this album if you’re any fan of death metal. Azarath display a hideously effective talent for assembling groove, aggression, and outright insanity on the short and to-the-point Diabolic Impious Evil. Technically arresting and classy for the genre, yet bloodthirsty as all fuck, these guys have captured my full, undivided attention, and I usually nap through stuff like this. I will go so far as to say this is the most badass death metal album I’ve heard this year, and I’d call you a complete idiot for passing on buying it should the opportunity present itself. Seek, listen at ear-splitting volume, and prepare to temporarily forget every other death metal album you’ve heard in 2006.

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