Inhume – Chaos Dissection Order Review

originally written by Jim Brandon

We all like to get our grind fix in different ways. Some of us like it drenched in gore, raw as you can get, and designed to offend. Then there’s the completely soulless, mechanical, nihilistic grind that occasionally brings some punk into the fray. There are more types, and they all have their place. Personally, I like my grind inhumanly fast, guttural as all get out, and precise. Even when it’s relatively “loose”, staying tight is a sticking point for me. While I’ve heard earlier Inhume material, honestly, it just didn’t stick with me for too long because I remember it sounding a little too raw and sloppy for my liking. Old grudges don’t die too hard though, and the latest anxiously-awaited full length from these Dutch bringers of blood is obviously an album created by a band that has no desire to ingratiate themselves into a wider listening audience, and what they’ve come up with, my friends, is sheer wickedness.

The word “maturity” is often viewed as a major red flag, but spin after spin of Chaos Dissection Order shows Inhume displaying growth on all fronts. The production is ideal, the songwriting stays brief, always purposeful, and the musicianship is technically unshakable. Through these 16 intensely heavy tracks of varying grooves, inhuman vocals, and well-focused blasts, these guys seem to have taken a logical step into a more substantial, memorable direction without making their music more accessible to unaccustomed ears. It was great to hear them unleash mighty Obituary riffs during the title track, before launching into a thrashing groove complete with regulation gore pig squeals, but the majority of the tunes here sound like lessons learned straight out of The Gospel of Nasum. There’s no sense is searching for anything innovative here, but songs such as “Dismal”, “Plague Injected”, “Abhorrent”, the strongly Nasum-esque (think Shift, specifically) “Grind Culture”, and “Hollow” mix flawless blends of chainsaw riffing, cruel speed, and painful grooves into an undeniably potent concoction.

With the shortest song lasting slightly past the one-minute mark, and the longest tune hitting an epic length of 2:54, Chaos Dissection Order hits fast, doesn’t waste time on many boring or safe riffs, and makes every track count for something. The overall vibe sounds warm and natural, the guitars lack any sort of unfriendly distortion and come across clearly enough so that when the speed gets turned up to rocketing levels, the music doesn’t turn into a mess of noise. The drums, most notably, have an absolutely superb tone, and the way the vocals sit in the mix brings out the strength of the relatively average vocal delivery, which is the only really unremarkable part of this effort.

As much as I liked The County Medical ExaminersOlidous Operettas, and Slaughter And Apparatus by the ever-dependable Aborted, Inhume forcibly shove both those bands out of the way with teeth bared and jaws snapping, establishing dominant territory on Chaos Dissection Order. By far, this is the strongest grind album I’ve heard in the past few months, and does much to separate the wheat from the chaff in the scene during this still-early part of 2007. Sick.

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