For Ruin – December Review

Originally written by Chris Chellis.

To say that I’ve been following this Irish melodic death/black metal band pretty closely would be an understatement. Since first reviewing the band’s split with Meiche two years ago, I’ve been watching For Ruin grow quite dramatically with each release, and as it turns out, December is no exception.

The most striking quality For Ruin has possessed from day one is its sharp sense of melody. There’s something almost endearing in its cutting riffs; a charm, if you will. It’s unlike any melodic death metal I’ve heard in that it has a very organic, elongated feel. Guitarists John Murphy and Drew Myers give the band an honest, ethereal tone that helps clear some way for this band in a market that’s been clouded since Gothenburg became less of a city and more of a sound to most of the world’s metalheads. You could easily tell this band was headed places from the hunger evident in the Obsidean EP last year, but there’s a greater sense of maturity here that exceeds all expectations. Songs like “Dread” and “Wake” are so immensely dense with soulful leads and unquestionable energy that it’s hard not to get a little excited about the band’s future given that this is technically their first real full-length.

If anything has changed since its temporary one-man project status it’s the thicker sound courtesy of the band’s three additional members joining Murphy. The early stuff from For Ruin did have a tinny, almost hollow feel at times, and finding three other musicians to add more layers to the mix has certainly furthered the band’s development and completed its sound. Things seem to be in full swing from start to finish. Even Murphy’s raspy, black metal-esque vocals have improved, and they really mesh well with the tone of the music.

December comes easily recommended to those jonesing for a band with the sound of early In Flames. Everything from the production to the songwriting is absolutely stellar and on point. You would be a fool to pass on this band.

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