Lo-Pan – Sasquanaut Revie

Originally written by Ross Main.

Sasquanaut is like a lazy student; extremely laid back, but obviously has a vague idea regarding what they want to do in life. You can tell the deep fuzz of the guitar tone has been designed to rumble like your rested head on a bus window, whilst the distorted tinge on the vocals, the soundscape cymbals and classic percussive reverb have all been made to feel like spaced out jams from a 70’s bedsit; Sabbath posters sound-proofing the wall and ashtrays laid out like mousetraps.

The roadie uncle of Spiritual Beggars and the burned out brother of The Sword, Lo Pan are pretty undemanding, and rather than getting all up in your face, they just sort of hang out and pass the joint. When I listen to it my eyes slit and I sort of bang my head in the style of an agreeable conversation, but it’s hard to pay too much attention to it.

Jeff Martin’s Maynard-Keenan-does-grunge vocals are belted out with closed eyes, but remain temperate in the mix, and Brian Fristoe’s riffs are obvious stoner/sludge metal, following familiar groove patterns, but hell, why not? Worthwhile albums should fill a gap and offer an appropriate soundtrack to something, and when you just want to do nothing and think nothing, Sasquanaut will be there to make you sway a little. Easy.

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