Bone Gnawer – Feast Of Flesh Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas

I had pretty high hopes for this release considering how much I enjoyed Kam Lee’s last effort, the zombified Denial Fiend, included in Pulverised’s history of solid old school death metal releases (Seance, My Own Grave, Axis Powers, Tribulation, etc). Also, the involvement of guitarist Rogga Johansson whose involvement with acts like Edge of Sanity, Ribspreader, Carve, Deranged and most recently Banished From Inferno would indicate an old school Swedish death metal project for the ages.

Well, close, but not quite.

To be quite honest, Feast of Flesh could have been released under theDenial Fiend moniker (Lee apparently got the Bone Gnawer moniker while working on Denial Fiend material before he left the band) as it’s the same groovy, mid paced, basic death metal elements culling from the likes of early Death, Massacre and some of the more rudimentary early Floridian acts rather than anything Stockholm inspired. Instead of zombies, the theme of the entire album is cannibals and cannibalism both real and celluloid from serial killers (“Defleshed and Skinned”), Movies Cannibal Ferox (“Make The Die Slowly”) and The Hills Have Eyes (“The Lucky Ones Die First”) – all delivered with some B movie over the top camp and Lee’s distinct growl- which arguably makes this sound like Denial Fiend/Massacremore than anything.

Guest appearances from fellow horror buffs Killjoy (Necrophagia) on “Defleshed and Skinned,” Stevo do Caixao (Impetigo) on “Feast Of Flesh” and Dopi (Machetazo) on “Hammer to the Skull” do little to make any of the songs truly stand out as Feast of Flesh rumbles with a primal, simplistic gait and classic Morrisound sounding production from start to finish. Is Feast of Flesh memorable? Not really. But it is pretty enjoyable and makes no qualms or pretenses about its delivery and does it with plenty of gusto and old school charm.

So long as you don’t go into Feast of Flesh expecting a Bloodbath type super release, you’ll get some enjoyment from it, just don’t expect to be listening to it a year or so from now.

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