Graveyard – Into The Mausoleum Review

originally written by Chris McDonald

“Old school” death metal has seen a powerful resurgence lately, spearheaded by outstanding offerings from the likes of Dead Congregation and Necrovation. Much like any revivalist trend (especially the recent nu-thrash phenomenon), there’s destined to be hordes of followers trailing the leaders, and while Graveyard is still a follower at this stage, their attack is menacing enough to move them swiftly up the ranks.

Actually, it’s probably not quite fair to compare Graveyard to outfits likeDead Congregation, as Graveyard move their retro clocks back even further, before bands like Incantation and Morbid Angel to the thrashy realms of early Death and Necrophagia and the lumbering madness of Autopsy(there’s even a sub-par cover of Death’s “Zombie Ritual” to remind you). The band generally rotates between mid-range speed and a doomy crawl, and while the fast parts are definitely headbang-worthy, the slow segments are where things really get cookin’. The keyboard-laced sludge of the title track is particularly entrancing, and really shows Graveyard’s potential as modern proponents of this style of death metal. The booming slowdown in “King Of The Graveyard” is equally crushing, and the sporadic guitar solos have that shrill, piercing tone to them that I’ve loved ever since I first heardRepulsion’s Horrified.

I’m excited by what this group of Spaniards has in store for us. Graveyardhas a perfect grasp of the atmosphere that helped defined early death metal and the songwriting chops to craft some great stuff of their own. Needless to say, Into The Mausoleum goes highly recommended to those of you who love their death metal encrusted with a healthy dose of filth and decay, and is one of the more encouraging releases I’ve come across in the genre since Necrovation’s Breed Dreadness Blood. Since the release of this EP, Graveyard has also released their full-length debut, entitled One With The Dead, which sees a big increase in production quality and musicianship, so be sure to check that out as well.

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