Droids Attack – Must Destroy Review

Born from a motherboard buried deep inside the High Life-soaked medulla oblongata of guy named Brad Van, Wisconsin’s Droids Attack strike the target with a swaggering stoner-rock/metal gem that’s sure to appeal to cloudy and clear-headed individuals alike that crave heavy doses of infectious, fuzzy-fury. Must Destroy plows through approximately 40 minutes-worth of fiery riffs and wah-wah-bluesy string abuse that’ll light a sweet buzz via a Long Island Iced Tea highball blend of Clutch, Church of Misery, Freedom Hawk and any number of other similarly labeled boozers perched on the same shelf.

Tongue is placed firmly in cheek with song titles like “The Great Wall of ‘Gina,” “The Arcade Bully,” “Canadian Death Bus” and “Koko Beware” (Macaw! Macaw!), but laughter will shift to grinnin’-with-arms-swingin’ once that first bit of riffing hits your gat-damned grill following the album’s brief intro. From this point forward, tunes bend and flow from pedal-to-the-metal barn-burning to mid-paced, toe-tapping respites that kindly allow the rippers in the house a few stolen moments to rip bongs before the next whirlwind. And although the album’s emphasis falls rightfully in the laps of the (already over-highlighted) riffs, Must Destroy also tosses in just the smallest hint of organ and even a speck of harmonica (the amazing “Canadian Death Bus”) to give all the hullabaloo just a pinch more boogaloo.

Not a bad number in the mix here, friends. If you’re down in the dumps, or if winter’s grip has packed too many cobwebs into your empty dome, I’d suggest a healthy, loud-LOUD-LOUD!!! dose of Must Destroy to kickstart your mood into something more fun and bristling with electricity. They certainly ain’t cutting their way through new terrain, but Droids Attack march down the sidewalk like a bulldog that’s just porked the cutest poodle on the block, and they’ve got the swingin’ nuts and snaggle-toothed grin to prove it.

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