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The biggest difficulty for bands who take musical avenues that are extremely easy to access is that they tend to exhaust their songwriting resources too quickly. There’s nothing more suitable than good ol’ fashioned hardcore when it comes time to let all the aggressions out, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to find something that isn’t completely generic and, quite frankly, about as exciting as watching grass grow. Full Blown Chaos’ latest self-titled effort is unfortunately lackluster in almost every aspect, and falls into the same trap as many other NYHC-sounding albums have since bands such as Hatebreed, Madball and No Innocent Victim helped revive the genre.

Full Blown Chaos, the now-five piece hailing from Queens, New York, has been a force to be reckoned with since the release of their crushing debut EP, Prophet of Hostility. Since then, the band has headlined numerous tours and played many festivals. I will never forget frontman Ray Mazzola’s daunting command to “punch somebody in the face” before the opening breakdown of “Bloodflow” while thousands of frightened Ozzfest onlookers either began regretting standing too close to the stage, or if you’re like me and loathe 99% of the people who attend Ozzfest, smiled at the invitation of a lifetime. In a world where fans of metal and hardcore tend to criticize each other for either being “adoloscent, sophomoric tough-guys” or for “playing too much D&D,” Full Blown Chaos seems to be stuck somewhere in-between; and the personal experience above is further proof of that. Ever since the first full-length Wake the Demons, which remains the band’s most complete and enjoyable work to date, Full Blown Chaos has been suffering from the same identity crisis as many of their hardcore comrades — Shattered Realm, Hatebreed and Sworn Enemy, to name a few.

With the exception of two songs, namely “Silence is Golden” and “The Path I Walk,” Full Blown Chaos contains nothing but generic chugging, mundane lyrics and the same bridges the band has been utilizing since Within the Grasp of Titans. The former of the two aforementioned tracks showcases the true talents of guitarists Mike Facci and Mark Gumbrecht, while the latter, which is also the album’s closer, provides light at the end of a pretty boring, 42-minute tunnel. Full Blown Chaos is a hard-working band which — if it finally gets that infamous groove back before writing the next album — deserves the attention of members of both the hardcore and metal communities. Until then, it’s more worth your time, effort and money to begin searching elsewhere for more unique versions of a genre that is yet again in desperate need of a revival. *Cough* First Blood *cough.*

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