Dekapitator – We Will Destroy…You Will Obey!!! (Reissue) Review

Originally released in 1999, We Will Destroy…You Will Obey!!! was the debut from Dekapitator, an act formed by Exhumed members Matt Harvey (guitars, vox) and Col Jones (drums) to scratch their violently thrashing itch. And scratch the itch it does. A combination of aggressive thrash, ripping death metal, and a crossover punk attitude, the songs that make up this album are utterly unrelenting, and largely without variation. It undoubtedly begins to all sound the same about 2/3 of the way through, but odds are the band won’t give you a free moment to ponder such nonsense.

Dekapitator’s thrash approach is most akin to American bands such as Vio-Lence or some of the top Teutonic acts. (Think Sodom.) They offer the high speed aggression without losing the heft that thrash is known for. Most songs follow the formula set by opener “One Shot, One Kill,” that being heavy speed with a punky, gang-shouted chorus tossed in at some point. Occasional bits of variation pop up in the form of some Slayer-esque harmonies (“Possessed with Damnation”), or that rare mid-paced section, but mostly what you get here is a take-no-prisoners mixture of the aforementioned acts, that patented Celtic Frost gallop, and near-Rigor Mortis levels of ruthlessness.

However, none of these descriptions really highlights the true quality of We Will Destroy…You Will Obey!!!. That being that this album is just fucking metal man—dress-up-like-Tom-G.-Warrior-in-1986-to-your-grandmother’s-funeral METAL. Song titles such as “Hell’s Metal,” “T.F.S. (Total Fucking Slaughter),” and “Faceripper” certainly give off that impression, but it is the band’s fervor and nasty attitude that give it life. Those gang shouts, a special attention to the percussive attack (the chorus in “Hell’s Metal”), and Harvey’s classically throaty vocal delivery all go far in accentuating Dekapitator’s tongue-in-cheek-but-not-really demeanor. An effectively raw studio treatment (although not quite as effectively raw as say Deathrace King) certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Those owning the original will find little new here, as the bonus songs are merely inferior demo versions of album tracks. So unless you’re a diehard Dekapitator fan, no reason to dive in again. However, for the rest of you that were only moderately aware of this band’s existence, this reissue is a great opportunity to add about 35 minutes of razor-sharp aggression to your collection.

Stay thrashty, my friends.

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