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An Interview With The Gruesome And Learned Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey is a guy who needs no introduction. His projects are known far and wide, all the way back to the early days of Exhumed when he helped to define a sub-genre. In his

Judas Priest Indebtedness Guest List: A Musician’s Perspective

We love Judas Priest. This is blatantly obvious, of course, as we’re winding down Priest Week here at Last Rites. But it bears repeating ad nauseam: We. Love. Judas. Priest. Guess who else loves Judas

Dekapitator – We Will Destroy…You Will Obey!!! (Reissue) Review

Originally released in 1999, We Will Destroy…You Will Obey!!! was the debut from Dekapitator, an act formed by Exhumed members Matt Harvey (guitars, vox) and Col Jones (drums) to scratch their violently thrashing itch. And