All Shall Perish – This Is Where It Ends Review

All Shall Perish‘s fourth full-length, This Is Where It Ends, contains about as much excitement as those minute-long YouTube videos in which narcissistic Wal-Mart goers place themselves in front of a camera and begin jiggling their tits and singing whatever the latest pop song is. Perhaps fifteen year-olds may spend their entire school day laughing at this sort of thing, but for the rest of us, the pleasure stops after about sixty seconds. Unlike those videos, however, This Is Where It Ends does have some value to it… and thereby deserves a score somewhere between excellent and flat-out embarrassing.

Those already familiar with All Shall Perish will undoubtedly rank This Is Where It Ends behind all of its predecessors. Although the album is impeccably precise as far as its musicianship is concerned (which is why it garnered the points it did), the songs are just… well… really fucking boring. Most of the songs even give off a vibe that’s unfortunately similar to Dead To Fall at times. Unsurprising breakdowns, generic chord progressions and anti-government gang vocals — garnished only with impressive guitar solos and softer melodic guitar / piano / synth arrangements — drag the listener by the coattails through the album’s thirteen tracks. For dudes looking to knock someone’s teeth out, the songs will more than suffice, but those looking for a bit more technicality and cleverer songwriting will be disappointed (if they actually expected something in the first place).

Despite the album’s obvious blandness, it will do any branching-out metalhead more good than it will harm. Fans of this album will enjoy exploring the band’s impressive back catalogue, as well as those of other prominent metalcore-deathcore-don’t-post-angry-lashes-because-of-incorrect-genre-tagging acts. However, All Shall Perish seems to be divebombing directly into the ass of the same downward spiral that bands like All That Remains, Heaven Shall Burn and Unearth seem to be caught up in. The only way that divebombing could be good would be if part of Nuclear Blast‘s new marketing scheme is to sell more albums to people wearing Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts. If that’s the case, the band is right on target.

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