Goregast – Desechos Humanos Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas

As any of my regular readers know, I’m simply a sucker for the Swedish Stockholm / Sunlight guitar tone. Heck I’d even listen to country music or Lady Gaga songs if rendered with an HM -2 Boss Heavy Metal pedal. Okay, that might be a bit of a reach, but you get the general idea. And what a couple of years it’s been for that sound with the likes of Entrails, Blood Mortized, Cryptborn, Winterwolf, Demonical and many, many others delivering their own take.

Enter Germany’s Goregast and FDA Rekotz (who released Entrails’ debut). Though it’s my first exposure to the band, Desechos Humanos is the third release from Goregast and it’s notable for two main reasons — first, the album is partially sung in Spanish, for some reason. Second, it takes the Sunlight / Swedish buzz and uses it to deliver a far more grindcore-influenced sound. It’s not unlike some of the Scandinavian grind / d-beat acts (Nasum, Rotten Sound, Disfear, Afgrund, etc), as the songs are shorter, punchier and have some power-chord-based riffs and dual growled/screamed vocals, but with a little more restraint and death metal backbone.

The opening title track is a perfect window into Goregast’s sound: It starts with a Stockholm buzz and squeal, leading the listener to believe they’re about to hear an Entombed tribute band (complete with spooky synths), but then the track explodes into a fierce grindcore assault, a sound that’s further enforced by the following 1:18 salvo of “Puerco de Dinero”. “Honor the Dead” is a catchy, brutal little fucker and perfect metal pick-me-up before Brujeria-ish Spanish-sung insanity throttles you with “Corta La Coleta”. The duo of “Nice Guy Next Door” and “Necrophagic Pathologist” alternate nicely between burly death metal and classic Carcass-ian medical grind.

At just over 30 minutes, Desechos Humanos is the perfect short-term, raucous listen for a short commute home or quick workout. It takes little effort to enjoy and pummels with an awesome guitar tone, grindcore ferocity, death metal sheen and a little sense of humor (i.e “The Boozer”). Good, under-the-radar stuff right here.

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