Khold – Til Endes Review

Originally written by Chris Redar

Some working titles I was batting back and forth for this review:

Left Khold

Khold As Ice

Khold, Not Cool

Khold My Hand (that one is completely dependent on the ‘K’ being silent)

New Khold Album Boring; Sucks

It turns out that we don’t do titled reviews here at Last Rites, but rest assured if we did, that last one would fit the bill quite nicely. On album number six, Khold have taken exactly zero steps forward as artists, or even musicians. They’re one of those bands that do very little, and they do so with such low energy and conviction that they’re almost impossible to pay attention to.

Matter of fact, even the band must’ve been bored during this recording, because they start the opening track “Myr” over halfway through the proceedings and then play the same dull black/grunge (you know what’s coming, kids—Blunge) kind-of-riff mid-tempo… thing? That’s probably the best word for about ninety-eight percent of Til Endes—it’s a thing that is happening while you’re listening to it. And with a couple of exceptions, it’s a sonic disinterested arm cross.

Exception one is the biker-rock-gone-black of “Dommens Arme”, and that’s mostly because it sounds like a Sepultura song. Because it is. It’s hard to go wrong with the thrash stylings of Cavalera and Co., so borrowing a bit of that swagger to lend some fist-pumping adrenaline to the proceedings was easily the best decision the Norway Naptime Brigade™ made with this one.

Exception two is “Avund”, the penultimate track. This song gets special mention for sounding like something resembling a band trying to write a song and coming up with a mildly hook-y riff in the process. It sounds pretty good for what it is.

It’s astounding that Til Endes is only tirty-two minutes long. It feels like it’s at least double that. One could say that it’s hard to listen to… wait for it…

Til Endes!

Goodnight, don’t forget to tip your server tonight!

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