Taphos – Demo MMXVI & 7″ EP MMXVII Review

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On Demo MMXVI & 7″ EP MMXVII, a collection of their first two releases, Denmark’s Taphos is hitting the ground running not by attempting to do anything really new, but by knowing who their heroes are and nailing the key aspects. In this case, the hero is Autopsy, and the keys are a bucket of riffs and a natural drum sound. Like early Autopsy, Taphos knows that the less processed the skins, the heavier the sound and more effective the atmosphere (when those thuds cut through the haze, this stuff kills). Also like Autopsy, Taphos plays a combination of blazing speed riffs and swampier, sassier lines, mixing them in a way that reveals less some compositional genius and more just a knack for how this kind of stuff fits together.

This isn’t just a carbon copy of one band, however. It occasionally takes on a touch more black/death sound (particularly on the slower moments), the vocals certainly have the “cavernous” treatment, and the EP hints at a muddier future. But even if you can hear the influence of more than one band, a hybrid old school approach is Taphos’ business, and here at least, business is quite good. Hopefully it gets even better when their first proper album lands in June.

Release date: April 6th, 2018. Label: Blood Harvest.

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