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RÛR is the latest in a long line of one-man black metal bands out of Norway, this time the sole work of a man named C.L. However, the self-title debut LP (which is merely the merging of a 2017 EP and a recent single) doesn’t exactly sound Norwegian, but carries much more of the windswept aura typically heard out of the British Isles or Quebec. Hate-driven black metal this is not, as there is just as much focus on gorgeous melody delivered via tremolo riffs, background chanting, and a sorrowful vision as there is blast beats and harsh rasps.

To this end, RÛR is quite successful. C.L. has a natural knack for painting the types of mournful-yet-ultimately-triumphant passages that ought to be instantly appealing to fans of the style. And like other bands of this ilk, the assumed intensity of the instrumentation (particularly the drumming) only works to highlight the grandiose atmosphere, not unlike how an especially animated conductor can add to audience’s perception of the orchestra.

The only thing really working against the album is the great recent track record for this type of black metal. C.L. isn’t quite up to the level of some of his sweeping black metal peers, purely because his work feels a touch more pure, and doesn’t have that extra identity or stated purpose of a Forteresse, Panopticon, or Saor. However, there’s a chance that some listeners will prefer this approach. And besides, when you consider that this is a debut, and that the (presumably) most recently written song of the bunch (part IV) is the best, the future ought to be quite bright.


Release date: March 30, 2018. Label: Northern Silence Productions

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