Track Premiere: Profane Order – “Perverse Demoniac”

Montréal, Quebec’s Profane Order first emerged back in 2016 with their debut LP, Marked By Malice, making a hell of an entrance into the violent, primal world of bestial black metal. Drawing largely from the typical influences in the scene (Blasphemy, Conqueror, and plenty of doomy Archgoat riffing to be found), the band showed promise to quickly rise amongst the ranks of the war metal hordes with the release of the Tightened Noose Of Sanctimony EP the following year, a noted step up in ravaging intensity and sheer savagery. Everything was kicked up a notch – darker, filthier guitar work scathed over the pummeling blasts of the drums as the vocals transformed from more of a bark to a deeper, guttural growl, making Profane Order a strong contender to be a real heavyweight in the modern era of violent, blasphemous black metal.

Profane Order return on October 18th with their sophomore full length, Slave Morality. If the new track, “Perverse Demoniac,” is any indication, Profane Order are stepping it up once again, marrying the more riff-focused approach of their first work with the punishing brutality of Tightened Noose to create a masterwork of sacrilegious hyperviolence. Tearing through the hordes out of the gates, the band quickly lock into a groove that morphs into full on berserker mode almost as quickly as it locks in. Profane Order waste no time in littering the sonic battlefields with quick riff changes, each a more formidable foe than the one before. Everything drops down, taking cover behind the real highlight of the track – a burst-fire breakdown that throws the band over the trenches and into the apocalyptic no-man’s land amongst the whizzing flurry of high-caliber gunfire. The pick scrapes wail, piercing like raining mortars, sending the song into full chaos as Profane Order rip the listener to shreds in a hail of soloing havoc.

“Perverse Demoniac” shows promise of a band growing by leaps and bounds with each release, and war metal aficionados must put Slave Morality at the top of their list for some of the best bestial black metal to come out this year. Preorders for the CD are available via Krucyator Productions, with Sentient Ruin handling LP duties and Les Fleurs Du Mal picking up the cassette edition. So regardless of your preferred format, pick this one up!

Quebec Deathfest, Foufounes Eletriques, Montreal, CAN 10/19/18

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  1. #fvkyea + [six flame emojis]. What a killer bombardment.


    1. Definitely! So stoked for this to come out


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