Reincarnated – Of Boötes Void Death Spell Review

Release date: September 3, 2022 Label: Inhuman Assault Productions.
Thailand’s Reincarnated aim to “play only the darkest and most doomed-out death metal: gutted, ghastly, and knuckle-dragging with no room for innovation or progression.” Without a shred of doubt, that goal has been achieved on Of Boötes Void Death Spell, the band’s debut.

Rare is the band biography or press release that actually captures a band’s sound, talent, or general appeal. Extra kudos to whoever wrote the pitch for Of Boötes Void Death Spell. Everything from the Funebrarum comparison to the “ceaselessly rolling tank-tread of doom” visualization is spot on. Innovators they are not, but that is hardly the point—these guys have a very particular point of view, and they check all the nasty death-doom boxes one could want.

The first death-doom box, of course, is an absolutely filthy production that turns the sluggish dial to 11. Crucial element. And immediately obvious to the ears. Reincarnated nails it here, down to the detail. The solos even have that sharp mix that cuts through the doom like an obsidian knife.

The second death-doom box is a slippery web of jagged riffs that largely hypnotize but aren’t afraid to dance just a bit faster from time to time to keep things exciting. That last bit is particularly important when the first two songs of a debut album (“Ophiuchus Crypt” and “Quasar God Oration,” respectively) are also its two longest songs. Again, Reincarnated nails it. The band sets an immediately tense and oppressive tone on “Ophiuchus Crypt,” for example, but switches up the pace at about the halfway mark without losing the hypnotism. Not an easy feat.

The third death-doom box—and then I will dispose of the cute editorial device—is a competent drummer. Maybe I am alone in this, because I honestly do not have as sensitive an ear in other sub-genres, but the slower the pace, the more crucial competent drumming becomes. To Reincarnated’s benefit, drummer Thinnarat undeniably slays on this. A tasteful slaying—no long drum fills. Appropriately sluggish. Masterfully tone-setting. “Triumphant Dead Comet” is a particular highlight.

Reinventing the doom-death wheel would be a foolish exercise. A nutter’s business. For the numpties and knuckleheaded. Reincarnated understands this well. And Of Boötes Void Death Spell is proof that, when the talent is there, something really quite special can come from a simple approach and a respect for history.

Posted by Chris C

  1. Its cool to see bands from lesser known metal countries. Metal is worldwide. Thanks for unearthing this obscure band.


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