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Forteresse – Thèmes Pour La Rébellion Review

Friends, if you’ve been reading our exploits here at Last Rites for a while, you know that we take things extremely seriously. We eat metal, breathe metal, sleep metal, shit metal, grimace metal, hug metal…

First Fragment – Dasein Review

Given the untamable diversity of styles that the term conveys, there’s almost nothing one can say accurately about heavy metal as a whole that isn’t so generic as to be hopelessly vague. Nevertheless, here’s a

Savage Master – With Whips And Chains Review

*Extremely quiet museum docent voice* “Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a little-known fact, but the band Savage Master took their name from the French ‘Ça Va-Je Mas Terre’, which is a supremely sophisticated name that

Sinistro – Semente Review

Semente is the second full-length from Portugal’s Sinistro, but the first full-length with vocalist Patrícia Andrade as an official member of the band. (Sinistro and Andrade collaborated on a 2013 release before she joined.) Stylistically,

Cult Of Luna And Julie Christmas – Mariner Review

The received wisdom is that post-metal is dead. Regardless of one’s affinity for the style, it shouldn’t be terribly controversial to note that we are now more than a decade past the most creatively fertile

Zun – Burial Sunrise Review

The appeal of desert rock as a musical genre has to be understood not just in musical terms, but in terms of the deep vein of imagery and mythology that its evocation of the American

Wode – Wode Review

With only a single, three-song demo from five years ago to their name, the UK’s Wode is a relatively unknown quantity, which can be a welcome rarity in a musical culture that tends toward oversaturation

Cantique Lépreux – Cendres Célestes Review

Two simple truths to begin: 1. Cantique Lépreux are very good at what they do. 2. What they do is play Quebecois black metal. For most of you, those two brief sentences are likely sufficient